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SUNY GCC - Genesee Community College

Types of Student Groups

A Student Group is defined as a Student Government Association (SGA) recognized group of students at Genesee Community College that collaborate to celebrate a common interest as well as adhere to all requirements as outlined but the SGA.  All Student Groups should be committed to upholding the mission of GCC by recognizing and valuing our common humanity as well as the richness of our diversity.

Interest Group – A group of students that is working with the SEI Office to fulfill all requirements of seeking recognition by the Student Government Association.

Club– Student Group that has been officially chartered and recognized by the Student Government Association and abides by all of the requirements of such a group.

Student Organization –   A student operated entity of an office or division of GCC that performs a function of said area and exists only if the office or division exists (i.e. Campus Activity Board, Forum Players).  Student Organizations are funded and operated based on the requirements of such a group.

Honor Society – A grouping of students by local or national affiliation that requires a minimum GPA for membership and/or enrollment in a specific curricula (i.e. Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society ).

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Start your own student group today!

  1. Fill out the New Student Group Interest Form. As part of the form, you will be asked to submit a Club Charter.  A sample can be found here.
  2. Once you submit the form, the Director of SEI will review your application and submit to SGA (only if documents are ready to be reviewed by SGA).
  3. The Student Government Association will meet to vote on recognition of your new group

Please note that new student groups must be unique and should not serve a similar purpose to groups already in existence.

Choose from 25+ Student Groups

All the Nerds

Advisor: Loy Gross and Jess Maxfield

This club is for super nerds to get together, have your own little space, play wonderful games, and dress up. It is also to stretch the imagination of each player and provide an inclusive and welcoming space for people to embrace their inner nerd. Members will be introduced to roleplay, tabletop board games, LARP, and cosplay. This club will foster an appreciation for the whole nerd experience.


Arena Club

Advisor: Krystal Forsyth

Established to promote the professional position and interests of Phys. Ed. Students, Sports Management students, Fit and Rec Management Students; and to explore options related to further education and career opportunities in the physical educational field.  

Behind the Runway

Advisor: Laura Taylor

Behind The Runway members have a passion for fashion and encourage expression through fashion. Our active, driven, diverse club holds workshops, hosts speakers and plans events. The club promotes GCC through our student designed GCC plaid merchandise. We’re a tight-knit club that travels to enhance our understanding of global fashion and explore opportunities. GCC’s annual fashion show is supported by Behind the Runway; our efforts help create a successful and entertaining evening.

Business Creators Club

Advisors: Amy Conley and Lina LaMattina

The Business Creators Club seeks to inform and inspire entrepreneurship within all GCC students. Students experience how to lead and ensure business success through event planning, field trips, and other networking opportunities.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Advisors: Kelly Starchok and Madeline Reichler

CAB provides the majority of the social and cultural programs at GCC. They sponsor a number activities, entertainers, lecturers, and performing artists as well as spectacular events and student travel programs.

Campus One80

Advisors: Bret Rehwaldt

Campus One80 is a Christian student group that exists to connect students with each other and with God. We are committed to creating a community where all students feel welcome and supported. We believe that through our relationships with each other, we will make a positive impact on Genesee Community College and on the world. The purpose of this ministry is to create a place of belonging for students as well as a place where they can learn and grow in their relationship with God.

Computer Repair Club

Advisors: James Bucki

From video games to career shadowing, the Computer Repair Club at Genesee Community College gives students a hands-on opportunity to share their interest in technology with fellow students, faculty and community members.  The Computer Repair Clinics for faculty, staff and students.  All levels of skill and interest welcome.

Creative Writing Club

Advisor: Shawn Adamson

Highlights the creativity that exists at GCC. Students work to explore their imaginations and utilize writing as a form of expression.

Criminal Justice Club

Advisor: Karen Wicka

The Criminal Justice Club is open to all students interested in Criminal Justice or just interested in making new friends.  Club members will engage in activities throughout the semester to encourage students to support and socialize with each other, share their interests in Criminal Justice and collaborate on planning and organizing events.


Education Club

Advisors: Christine Belongia

This club encourages and provides peer interaction, career preparation, and leadership opportunities to future educators.


Advisors: Shawn Adamson and Dave Johnson 

The GCC eSports Club is open to all GCC students with an interest in video games. Whether they wish to play competitively or casually, students belonging to the club enter into a supportive community of gamers with a shared passion for all things video games.

Students are connected to each other through a shared Discord server, which allows them to share their experiences, organize tournaments and other events, or find teammates to play with or against online. Members of the club also enjoy access to school-provided resources, allowing them to play on-campus throughout the day.

Whether video games are your hobby, your passion, or even a future career, the GCC eSports club is for you.

Film Club

Advisor: Barry Chow

Film Club welcomes all students to participate; for communications students, they will have the opportunity to practice what they learn from production classes, for others, they can be involved in digital film making as producers, writers, actors and more.

Forum Players Theater Company

Advisor: Brodie McPherson

The theatrical organization of GCC. Students have an opportunity to experience acting and producing in a dramatic setting. Forum players produce several shows a year. Students can also compete at the American College Theatre Festival, and go on professional auditions.

GCC Dance & Cheer Team

Advisor: Tara Freitag

Promotes and upholds school spirit through performances at college and community events. Develops a sense of good sportsmanship, provides entertainment, supports athletic teams, and develops a positive relationship within the college community.

History Club

Advisor: Michael Gosselin and Jess Maxfield

This club was established to serve as a forum for students who enjoy history to share their interests, to promote an appreciation of history, to explore careers in history and to visit historic sites.

International Students Organization (ISO)

Advisors: Jenny Weatherall

Assists GCC’s international students in making the transition into a new environment but is open for anyone to join! The group promotes cultural awareness, while serving as a support network for the educational and social development of foreign students.

National Society of Leadership and Success

Advisor: Kelly Starchok

The NSLS is an organization that provides a life-changing leadership program that helps students achieve personal growth, career success, and empowers them to have a positive impact in their communities.  To be eligible for our chapter, students must have 6 hours of Genesee Community College credit, an overall 2.5 GPA and complete the Foundations of Leadership to be inducted.

Native American Student Group (NASG)

Advisors: Crista Boldt

The purpose of the organization is to promote interest in Native American and contemporary issues relating to the indigenous people of the western hemisphere while enhancing a sense of belonging and community for Native American students at Genesee Community College.

Neopaganism and Witchcraft

Advisor: Nichola Lerczak

Neopaganism and Witchcraft club provides students interested in alternative spirituality with a place to share information and ideas. We provide support in the form of educational workshops, seasonal celebrations and discussions. Neopaganism and Witchcraft club also exists to spread awareness to the larger student body about non-mainstream religious paths, such as Paganism/Wicca/Buddhism and others.

Nurse’s Club

Advisor: Lauren Bartus

The Nurses’ Club is committed to encouraging collaboration among students interested in the field of nursing.  The club also facilitates networking and exemplifies leadership through health promotion activities in the community setting, both on campus and on a broader level.  It enables the empowerment of the students to support one another as they navigate through the program and transition into professional registered nurses. 

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Advisors: Barry ChowKelly Starchok, and Jamie Schultz

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for students in 2 year colleges world-wide. The society promotes and provides academic excellence, leadership opportunities, service projects and fellowship amongst members. To be eligible for our chapter, Alpha Iota Upsilon, students must have 12 hours of Genesee Community College credit, an overall 3.6 GPA to be inducted, and a 3.3 GPA to maintain membership.

Physical Therapist Assistant Club

Advisor: Christopher Caputi

Promotes awareness of Physical Therapy throughout the campus community. The club provides programs and events to enhance the knowledge and self-confidence among constituents.

Respiratory Care Practitioners Club

Advisors: Maureen Welch

Established to support the activities that are of interest to the current Respiratory Care students or those interested in the field. The club works to raise the awareness of respiratory health throughout the community.

Sexuality and Gender Acceptance Club (SAGA)

Advisors: Madeline Reichler

The mission of the SAGA is to support the building of community here at GCC by supplying academic, social, and advocacy opportunities. Our goal is to create a community celebrating the accomplishments of LGBTQ+ students and to partner with other clubs, faculty and administration to enrich the academic experience of all students.

The club is open to all students without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity and we welcome everyone to bring their own unique selves to our community. Please consider attending one of our bi-weekly meetings or keep  your eyes open for one of our sponsored events.

Ski Club

Advisors: Barry Chow

The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities to members to ski and snowboard while providing opportunities for developing friendships and camaraderie.

Student Government Association

Advisors: Kelly Starchok

SGA serves as representation for all GCC students and their collective interests. SGA promotes the cultural, educational and social needs of the campus community. This governing body takes responsibility in the decision-making process of the College.

Student Veterans Association

Advisors: Barry Chow

This organization is designed to provide friendship and camaraderie among its members. The club also provides a place to talk to other veterans of the same generation and help ease the stress military life created.

The New Courier

Advisor: Cindy Hagelberger

All students are welcome (ACE, Campus Center and online students too!) to join the staff of the New Courier Student Newspaper. Keep up to date on the news here at Genesee Community College throughout the year. The link to the online paper is .  A print issue comes out at the end of the spring semester.

TV Club

Advisor: Barry Chow

TV Club produces various productions in and out of our High Definition (HD) Digital TV studio, we need talents, producers, hosts, guests, and your ideas. Join us and you might become the next internet sensation; or if you prefer, working behind the scene with our Communications student crew.

Veterinary Technicians Club

Advisors: Stephanie Ortel

Established to advance and improve the expertise of the veterinary technician. To further create and maintain a professional image of the profession and to promote the interest of veterinary technicians through the legislature.

WGCC Radio

Advisor: Steve Petty

WGCC’s radio station, exclusively run by students at GCC. Students get hands-on experience in broadcasting, as the management, DJs, and promotions staff.

WGCC carries a wide variety of music programming, talk shows, and GCC sports. It also hosts many activities and events on campus.