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SUNY GCC - Genesee Community College

Welcome to Genesee Community College!

Currently over 100 international students from 23 countries are pursuing their academic goals at GCC. The contributions made by this group, both socially and academically, have significantly enriched the diversity and vivacity of our campus. You can learn more about GCC in Español (Spanish), Japanese and Português (Portuguese).

Located in the Academic Advisement Office, the International Student Advisor provides a variety of support services in F-1 visa regulations, academic advisement, orientation, seminars and other activities to assist students in successfully completing their Associate degree.

There are many people and resources available to assist you during your stay in the United States. Please take some time to explore our website and get involved in campus life beyond the classroom. Among GCC’s clubs and organizations, you will find leadership opportunities, cultural and religious associations, sports teams, volunteer service organizations, student government, academic societies, music and theatre groups, a student newspaper, and a student run radio station!

The ISO (International Student Organization) assists GCC’s international students in making the transition into a new environment. The group promotes cultural awareness, while serving as a support network for the educational and social development of foreign students.

Apply to GCC

Applying to GCC is free and easy. Because each applicant’s situation is unique, necessary documentation often differs from applicant to applicant. Print out and complete all necessary documentation.

Seeking a Degree

International Students wishing to come to GCC on an F-1 Visa and obtain a degree:

  1. Apply to GCC
  2. Fill out and submit the International Supplemental Admissions Application

Not Seeking a Degree

International Students currently in the United States or abroad wishing to take an online course:

  1. Register Online

Additional Application-Related Information & Links

International Information Sessions

Attend an information session led by an International admissions counselor. The information session will highlight GCC’s programs and services, details about the enrollment process, and provide time to answer your questions.

Tour the GCC Campus through our award winning 360 Virtual Tour. You can also explore GCC through our new interactive Look Book.

04/247:00AM to 8:00AMVietnam International Admissions Information SessionOnlineRegister
04/253:30PM to 4:30PMInternational Admissions Information SessionOnlineRegister

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply while waiting to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam?

Yes, we will begin the application process with the information you send us. As soon as we have your TOEFL or IELTS exam results we will process and make a final decision on your application.

Can I email the application?

No, applications must be sent by courier or post as international student applications require original documents and signatures. It is suggested that you obtain a tracking number when mailing the application to confirm that it has been received by the Admissions Office.

Can I transfer after Genesee Community College?

Yes, our Transfer Services office will help you to transfer to the college of your choice following Genesee Community College.

What is the transfer process as an international student like?

The Department of Homeland Security requires that F-1 students complete a “school transfer” when changing to a new school. Your student record in SEVIS will then be released from Genesee Community College and sent to the institution to which you are transferring. You will then be issued a new Form I-20 from the new institution.

  1. Notify the International Student Advisor of your intention to transfer to another institution.
  2. Proof of acceptance to your new institution. Bring a copy of your acceptance letter to the international student advisor’s office in the Advisement Center, C222. You must do this in order to be released to your “new” school.
  3. Schedule a “release date” with the International Student Advisor for your F-1 record to be transferred to the new institution. Your new Form I-20 from your new institution cannot be issued until after the release date has been reached (unless you are traveling before reporting to transferring school, in which case talk with your new institution about your travel plans).
  4. Complete the F-1 SEVIS Transfer Request Form and submit it to the International Student Advisor’s office (C222) as soon as possible.

Important: If you are completing (or have completed your program of study or Optional Practical Training, you only have a 60-day period following this completion to have your F-1 record transferred to the new institution. Your F-1 student status ends 60 days after you complete your program of study or OPT!

What is the deadline to apply?

GCC does not have a specific deadline to apply, however because you will need to make an appointment with your Embassy, make flight arrangements, and reserve a dorm room I suggest you start sending me information 6 months before the start of the semester you are interested in.

That way if there is anything that needs to be updated for your file or if the information you have sent is not correct (i.e. bank statement); there will be time for you to mail these things to us. (mail time could take 2-6 weeks)

Why are the costs what they are for the amount needed to be seen on the bank statement?

These are amounts required by the federal government (not us) that tell us you will have more than enough money to live once you arrive here. We want you to be more than prepared for any necessities you may need.

Is there any financial aid or scholarships available for international students?

International students are not eligible for Financial Aid since it is funded by the federal government for U.S. Citizens.  There are some scholarships available through the Foundation that international students can apply for.  The scholarships are not guaranteed and will not offset the funding required for acceptance. There are also some athletic scholarships available for lacrosse.

Female graduate during commencement

International Students Graduation

Preparing to graduate? Learn how to complete all the requirements not only for Genesee Community College, but also the requirements for immigration.